Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Strand of Oaks "Leave Ruin" (2008)

The widespread dispersal of recording technology, combined with the collapse of the traditional music distribution system, has led to a flood of would be auteur projects, the stereotypical "bearded guy in a cabin".  While the creative possibilities are exciting, there's also a bit of loss of quality as the gatekeepers disappear.

Strand of Oaks is often described as "folk", which is not, I think, quite accurate.  He doesn't seem to draw on the folk tradition.  It's clearly rock music, albeit quiet introspective rock in the vein of Bonnie Prince Billy or Songs: Ohio.  I don't have fault with his vision or execution, it is just not exceptional.  To my ears, this is a great example of an album that you forget 10 minutes after it finishes.

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