Wednesday, January 25, 2012

William Elliott Whitmore "Song of the Blackbird" (2006)

When I was a kid I wondered why the old folks talked so much about the weather.  I mean, what was there to say most of the time?  And why did they care so much?  Eventually I realized that it had to do with farming.  That even the ones who weren't farmers had grown up on farms, & they still had that (rightful) obsession with the weather.

WEW is just as concerned with farmers' themes as those old folks.  Water, whether too much or too little, death, rebirth, the cycle of life.  These themes show up again & again on his records.  It's not enough to be strong to survive.  You have to remember that you are strong. WEW is reminding us that we are indeed strong enough to get through these hard times.

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